Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rear-ended at an intersection?

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Does this sound like you?

Rear-end Collision

You are on your way to (or from) work (school, store, etc...) and traffic is backed up. While stopped at a stop light you hear an unexpected crash from behind you. You immediately feel the force of a collision thrusting your car forward into the vehicle in front of you. During the impact your head is jerked back and then forward quickly. Your head barely misses the steering wheel as your seat belt (or airbag) catches you. Your entire head is numb, your arms are tingling, and your ears are ringing. Although you were stopped by your seat belt (or airbag), the impact of the collision was severe and took a tremendous toll on your body. You have just been involved in a rear-end collision, and according to the police officer who investigated the wreck, the at fault driver was inattentive. You may have suffered injuries to your neck, arms, shoulders, hands, and back.
Maybe you were the first hit. Maybe you were the last in a line of colliding vehicles. No matter your placement in the collision, your injuries are real, and you may be entitled to compensation.
Springfield, Missouri Auto Accident Attorney Joel Harris
Don't let this happen to you. If you were injured in an auto accident call Springfield, Missouri Auto Accident Attorney Joel Harris to learn your rights.
You decide to have a friend drive you to the hospital. It has been an hour since the collision and the pain is really beginning to take effect. 


Your doctors run a series of test and have diagnosed you with a Myofascial Lumbar Strain and Myofascial Cervical Strain which causes limited movement, throbbing pain and slow recovery. These are of course fancy terms for what is commonly know as whiplash. Even with limited treatment your medical bills will likely be thousands of dollars. Injuries such as these must be monitored as some never fully resolve, so be sure to follow your doctors orders on treatment.

Free Consultations

You will likely receive a call from the insurance company. In that call they may want to take your statement, have you sign a release, or even offer you money to settle. No matter the situation, your best bet is to speak with an auto accident attorney. Springfield Auto Accident Attorney Joel Harris offer's FREE consultations, and he doesn't get paid unless you win. Additionally, attorney fees are paid out of the recovery so there are no upfront costs or monies paid by you. Call 417-724-8003 or e-mail Harris Law (by clicking link) to schedule an appointment today. Harris Law will let you know up front whether you need an attorney and if they can help. Do not let the insurance company take advantage of you and your family.

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